The Surrey Heath Show

As you can see, the new banners that Peter Tuitt ordered recently worked really well and made the stand look very good. There had been a number of changes to the set up inside the marquee at the Surrey Heath Show this year so that the FCSA stand was smaller than before and we found ourselves in one of the corners.

The Guides were no longer providing teas and cakes in the central area of the marquee. Instead their place was taken by the music stage and straw bales for the audience to sit on. Instead of tea and cakes there was a beer stand. It should be said that despite the smaller pitch it was a successful event for us. We sold three paintings, a few cards and even signed up a new member.

Peter Tuitt and John Stacey manned the stand throughout the day while members came to offer their support, some in the morning and others in the afternoon. Congratulations to Val Brooks and Sue Whitehead for the sale of their paintings.

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