Very sadly indeed FCSA learnt of the death of Valerie Brooks just before Christmas on Saturday 19th December 2020. She was a very accomplished artist who won several prizes at the FCSA Annual Exhibitions as well as winning the Jerry & Jill Seward’s Trophy, also known as the People’s Choice, twice. Our deep sympathy goes to all her family and friends. Her funeral is on Tuesday 12th January 2021.

If you would have liked to attend the funeral, due to Covid restrictions this is not possible, but you can find details of the webcast by following this link:




Treasured Trees Museum Exhibition

No sooner was the “Treasured Trees” exhibition of paintings by FCSA artists up in the Museum and Heritage Gallery in Main Square, Camberley, than the second Lockdown was announced and the doors were closed until 2nd December 2020 at the earliest.

It is hoped that there will be an extension to the end date of the exhibition beyond Christmas and into the New Year. In the meantime here are some photographs of some of the paintings in the exhibition.


James Willis Zoom Demo

Friday 23rd October 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

James Willis will be giving a watercolour demonstration based on the above painting of the Italian hillside town of Matera in Southern Italy.  He has said that since there is a lot of detail in this painting he will have to simplify it for the Zoom demonstration when he will explore colour relationships using complementary colours. 

The demonstration will be free to FCSA members and £5.00 to non-members.

For more details and to register interest please contact


British Legion Poppy Appeal

At a time when charities are finding it particularly hard to raise funds, one of our members, Sue Whitehead, has generously offered her beautiful poppy painting to put up for auction. The money raised will go to the British Legion Poppy Appeal.

To place a bid, send an email at with your offer. We will keep the auction page updated to reflect the current bid.

You can visit the auction page via this link.

This painting is part of our Lockdown Exhibition, which you can visit via this link

Sue Whitehead – Poppy field, Acrylic Framed 55cms x 45 cms

Surrey Heath Museum Exhibition

In February, before anyone was aware of just what an extraordinary year this was going to be, Surrey Heath Museum offered Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts the chance of having an exhibition in the Surrey Heath Museum & Heritage Gallery.

The good news is that this exhibition is going ahead.  It will run from 24th October until Christmas. The Surrey Woodturners will be displaying work at the same time and the Museum calendar for 2021 is on the ancient woodland of Surrey and will also be on sale.

For this reason, the paintings for submission should fit in with the theme of WOODLAND. There is not a large amount of room for the exhibition so paintings should be small.  With just over a month, members may want to paint something specially for this event but if you have something suitable already framed, that would be excellent.  Any woodcarvings from members can also be submitted and will be displayed in a glass case.


Fatima Pantoja Colour Pencil & Graphite Demonstration

On Friday 11th September Fatima Pantoja gave the first Zoom Demonstration to Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts on a landscape in Colour Pencil and Graphite.

She worked from a photograph of Durdle Door on the Jurassic coast as her reference and produced this delightful picture over the two hours of the Zoom session.

See the write up here



On Tuesday 1st September The Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts Lockdown Exhibition 2020 will be displayed here.

There will be a large variety of artwork exhibited, many of which will be available to purchase by contacting the artists via the website at

The deadline for members’ entries is Friday 21st August.


Heritage Gallery News

After a closure of 17 weeks Surrey Heath Museum and Heritage Gallery in Camberley Mall has reopened.   There is an exhibition of Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts paintings upstairs in the Heritage Gallery.  

The Gallery will be open on Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 3pm. Research sessions can be booked for Saturdays. The museum displays have been reorganised and renewed. To meet Coronavirus rules there is a one-way system with social distancing. Gloves and a sanitizer are available.

Volunteers will not be required until September, at which point anyone wishing to enlist for a session should ring the Gallery – 01276 23771 – to contact one of the Museum staff. Rotas will be re-established when sufficient numbers are willing to take part. Talks will restart when it is safe to have an audience.


Summer 2020 Update

This week there should have been the Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts 59th Annual Exhibition at High Cross Church. The Coronavirus has meant that all our plans, meetings, demonstrations and events have had to be cancelled since the lockdown in March.

Nonetheless, the committee has held two futuristic committee meetings via Zoom. The first meeting was to progress the new look website which was launched at the beginning of July. This week the committee met again to consider how to best serve the membership during lockdown.

2020 Lockdown Exhibition

The committee discussed the possibility of organising an online exhibiting of members’ paintings, especially those that might have been done during the lockdown, by putting it on the new website. Olga Salgado and Steve Hammatt attended the meeting and offered to upload paintings into an exhibition area.

If interested, people would need to take good quality photographs of their artwork. The minimum size necessary to work well on the website is 1024 x 768 pixels, but bigger would be better. Once you have saved the photos onto your computer it would be a question of submitting them in an email to In the accompanying email there would need to be the following information:

  1. Artists name, Title of the painting, Size of the painting, and Medium
  2. Price of painting if offered for sale or clearly indicating NFS (Not For Sale)
  3. On the Exhibition web page there will be a notice advising that if anyone wishes to purchase a painting or commission work from an artist, then to contact the society via and the message will be passed to the artist.
  4. Artists will be responsible for agreeing the sale, and for the collection or dispatch of the paintings themselves.

There would be no hanging fees or commission fees on this occasion. Primarily the idea is to offer members of the society an opportunity to share and exhibit their work online. It would also help to promote the society through the website and keep everyone connected over the period when we cannot meet up.

Adult Education Art Studio

Camberley Adult Education Centre has informed us that it intends to re-open in September. The committee discussed the possibility of FCSA meeting again on a Friday if the art studio was made Covid-19 safe. It was agreed that we should find out from the membership how many people would be likely to attend if the Society were to open up again in September.

It was also acknowledged that even if we could socially distance to paint together we would not be able to hold demonstrations safely because more people would have to be sitting in a very confined space. It was suggested that it might be possible to arrange a Zoom demonstration online and we wondered if this would interest members. Since the demonstrator would expect payment, there would need to be a method of charging people to attend via a paid portal.

Survey Of Members

It would be very helpful if you could complete the following survey and return it to Just cut & paste these questions with your answers into an email. If you would like to add any comments please feel free to do so.

Do you like the idea of an online exhibition? YES/NO

Would you want to participate? YES/NO

If the studio were open on Friday nights in September would you attend? YES/NO

Would you be interested in a Zoom demonstration? YES/NO

Have you used Zoom already? YES/NO