In Memoriam -David Painting

David Painting, a long-standing member and past Chairman of FCSA very sadly passed away recently. His funeral on Monday 19th May was attended by several members of the art society. He succeeded Liz Seward as Chairman in 1992 and he will be remembered as a very popular chairman with an impish sense of humour, a refreshing down to earth approach and a penchant for practical jokes.

FCSA want to send our sympathy to his wife Marian and thank her for her kind donation of his art equipment to the Society. Peter Tuitt, our current chairman, visited her to collect it and was pleased to be able to assure her that it would go to a good home. He is going to take it to “The Brush with Art Group” at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice as this is the charity that FCSA are supporting this year.

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