Pen & Ink with Watercolour Member led session

Friday 30th June 202

There have been a series of Friday sessions at the art studio led by members of FCSA. This week it was Carole Head who encourage people to have a go at sketching florals with water proof ink and watercolour. As usual those who preferred to do their own thing worked on their own projects at the same time.

Carole likes using pen & inks for sketching, however colour is important to her too. By taking along some watercolours and a small pot for water a little black & white sketch can become something more. Here is the sketch she did on Friday evening.

The materials needed for this kind of work are a sketch book with watercolour quality paper, waterproof ink pens, watercolours, preferably in a watercolour palette set, and a good watercolour paintbrush (Jackson’s nylon retractable brush size 9 is perfect). You will also need a light container for water for some water.

Carole discovered it is possible to buy a pad of watercolour postcards so that you can paint your own postcards. She has often taken one of these pads on holiday to make a collection of holiday sketches as she finds sketching a scene cements it in the memory far better than holiday photo.

Members led studio sessions are a new idea being offered to members this year to introduce different materials or techniques and engender inspiration to the regular Friday DYOT nights, however, members are very welcome to use the session as a Do-Your-Own-Thing evening as before. Craig Whitehead, the Membership Secretary, took the opportunity to continue working on one of his portrait paintings on one of the large easels available in the studio.

The next opportunity for members to participate in a members led session will be in September when Liz Seward, FCSA President, will lead a studio workshop on Friday 22nd September. This will be the first studio session after the Annual Exhibition on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September with the Reception Evening on Thursday 7th September.

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