Members’ Critique

Friday 25th February 2022

Members are invited to bring along a couple of paintings they have been working on lately. These can be framed, unframed, in the process of being painted or set aside for a rainy day. It is an opportunity to let people see what you have been doing, ask for advice on anything from composition, colour, idea or just feedback.
The room will be made up of fellow artists and the comments will be friendly and supportive. It is an interesting evening as it is always fascinating to see and hear what others are painting.
Here are some ideas of how to approach art criticism from the internet.

Why is art criticism important?

Criticism has an important role in developing and deepening the work of artists, but also in helping viewers perceive, and interpret works of art.

How to approach art criticism

1. Be prepared to be receptive
2. Approach critiques as constructive not judgemental
3. Spend a couple of minutes of observation
4. Find something you can relate to with the work
5. Ask questions relating to the artist’s creative process

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