Member led workshop by Mark Wells

‘A Cornish Hedgerow’ in watercolour

Mark started out by saying this demonstration will be wet on wet and if would be advisable to tape down your paper so it wouldn’t warp but if you didn’t have tape, then wet both sides of the paper. He said that he mainly uses just two colours for the main painting (Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Yellow) a bit of white gouache and some sort of red.

He first took a fairly large brush and wet the entire paper lightly.  He then got out a fairly large amount of both colours on his palette to use throughout his painting. Starting at the top he put a loose and light spread of the UM blue and continued down the paper making it lighter as he went down, stopping about two thirds. He then grabbed a bit of dry tissue and dabbed out the paint to form clouds. The clouds get thinner closer to the horizon.

Now he made a very light green using both colours. Washing this across below where the sky ended but not down to the bottom. He then added more UM blue to make a darker green to finish all the way to the bottom. This colour should be fairly thick as you will be scratching it off in the next step.

To start scratching off the paint use the end of a brush or a scratching tool. Scratch thin lines from the bottom upwards making stems, grass and stalks. Keep wiping off the excess paint on a tissue while scratching.

Now to the flowers. He used a bit of Permanent Rose as his main colour but it’s your choice what colour the flowers are. Pick one of the long marks you just made and using a slightly damp tissue, blot out (taking away the paint) where your flowers will go. Make some long and thin and others round and small. Once that is done, take a flat, small brush and the red paint and dab to form flower shapes in a vertical shape. Now pick up the Cad yellow and paint small circular flowers between the grasses and stems. Try to spread them out across the painting.

Look at the painting to decide where the light is coming from and use all the colours to make a brown paint. Add the paint down some of the stems on one side, under the flowers and add a few leaves too (using a size 4, round brush). Don’t forget that as it’s a hedgerow, there will be lots of leaves not attached to flowers. Using a flat brush, put on more different shaped leaves.

He took a rigger brush (size 2) with light brown paint to make ‘interesting’ marks and some more shadowing.

He took the white gouache and added this to the stems to show where the lighter side is and some of the flowers and make white flowers. (at this stage you can get a fan brush with white or yellow paint and splash a bit around the paper to make tiny flowers).

Everyone was painting along including one member’s six year old son who had a go.

Mark loved the diversity of the paintings that everyone did and emphasised to be free and flowing with the painting and mostly, just to enjoy  the process.

A really great demonstration by Mark and very enthusiastic show of paintings by the members.

(Thank you to Patti Dutton for the photos and write up.)

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Fun evening. Lovely to see it so very well attended and many thanks to Mark who was very encouraging.

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