Kerry Bennett Zoom Demo

Friday 6th October 7:30 pm.

Kerry will be demonstrating painting birds and bees using black Chinese ink and watercolour.

If anyone would like to join in having a go, materials needed are;

Chinese black ink (or a waterproof when dry, black ink). Not drawing ink, or calligraphy ink.  These are not waterproof when dry and will smudge when the watercolour is applied.

300 gsm watercolour paper (NOT) – cold pressed. A4 or A3

Dipping ink pen

Watercolour paints (a rough idea) – cadmium yellow, raw umber, burnt sienna, ultramarine, payne’s gray. And any other colours if you wish to paint a background or other flowers.

Brushes size 12 or 10, 4 or 6

Fine salt

2 containers of water

Kitchen towels

A board slightly bigger than your paper and masking tape to tape all 4 sides down

Below are a few images that can be used.  Kerry will be painting a row of birds on a branch and another painting of bees and a flower.

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