FCSA Portrait Session

Friday 14th June 2024

The portrait session run by Craig Whitehead with his daughter Selina as a live model in the studio was extremely well attended and enjoyed by us all.

Craig firstly explained how to approach drawing a life model either by using a paintbrush to look at angles and proportions or to use the grid method. He reminded us once again about the proportions of the face from a previous workshop he had done.

He then demonstrated how to fill in the darkest areas of the face using raw umber. He explained to us that his palette for flesh tones included yellow ochre, burnt sienna, raw umber, transparent red iron oxide, alizarin crimson, ivory black and titanium white. Having mixed various flesh colours he continued filling in the rest of the face, highlighting areas.

He explained that the upper lip is always darker than the lower lip which often reflects the light. When he came to doing the hair he explained it was best to put a purple base on if the hair was blonde as this gave it a more realistic tone.

Finally he finished the painting using a professional veridian green which he stated was expensive to buy but was a much purer colour than the non professional paint.

Members worked in pencil, pastel and oils with wonderful results as seen from the examples below.

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Was a very worthwhile evening. Really enjoyed it, even if it was our of my comfort zone. Lovely to see the studio packed out. Lovely model.

Sorry for the late reply , as we have been away .
I really enjoyed the session, wish that I had not arrived so late, but was delayed , and really taken aback by the size and support of the group .I look forward to participating more with you all and was pleased by your kind welcome to a new novice.

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