Annual General Meeting

Friday 2nd February 2024

The Art Studio, Camberley Adult Education Centre

Peter Tuitt giving his Chairman’s Report

Peter Tuitt is standing down after five eventful years as Chairman during which time he helmed the society through Covid and the Lockdowns, helped to keep the show on the road via Zoom Demonstrations and Zoom meetings to the point where it was possible to meet again face-to-face. Last year the AGM was still taking place via Zoom. Happily this year a good number of members attended the AGM in person. Please note the Chairman’s Report and those of the other officers are in the AGM Minutes which have been circulated to members of the society.

Liz Seward, President of FCSA

Liz Seward, the President of the society took this opportunity to express her thanks to Peter for his chairmanship and to say how much she appreciates all that he has done over the time that he has been in office.

Sue Whitehead, the new Chairman, gave Peter Tuitt a gift from the committee

Sue Whitehead presented Peter with a gift from his grateful committee. During the course of the meeting Sue was elected as the new Chairman of FCSA. Peter was known to like Campari and he accepted he gift with evident pleasure.

Patti Dutton, the Hon Secretary, announcing the election of the Executive Committee

All the members of the committee agreed to stand again. Peter Tuitt asked if there was a member who might like to join the committee as there was a vacancy for a Vice Chairman. Diana Flier volunteered and was duly elected. The committee is as follows:

Sue Whitehead, Chairman

Diana Flier, Vice Chairman

Lesley Kilner, Treasurer.

Patti Dutton, Hon Secretary.

Craig Whitehead, Membership Secretary.

Olga Salgado, Webmaster.

Carole Head, News Editor.

Marie Bunce, Committee member

Lesley Kilner, winner of the Seward Memorial Trophy

The Seward Memorial Trophy is also known as the People’s Prize as it is given for the painting that won the most votes at the Annual Exhibition. Since the results of the voting can only been known at the end of the exhibition it is traditionally awarded to the winning artist at the AGM who holds it for a year until the next AGM. Lesley Kilner’s painting ’St. Paul’s from New Change Street’ not only won the Seward Memorial Trophy but it was also chosen as the winner of the exhibition’s Themed Competition “Old & New”.

Members will be interested to know that the title for the Themed Competition at the Annual Exhibition in September 2024 will be ‘ACTION’. One of the reason for this was to give an opportunity to take into account the Olympics that will be taking place this year, but there is ample scope for lots of different interpretations of this theme. Time to get painting!

Sue Whitehead, Chairman

The new Chairman, Sue Whitehead, ran through some of the plans for the Events Programme 2024/25. This will be sent out to members shortly. She closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and then invited people to socialise and enjoy some of the food and refreshments that had been provided.

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