Mark Wells

Watercolour. 33x42cm. Framed. £50
Watercolour. 43x53cm. Framed. £80
Watercolour. 35x30cm. Unframed. £25
Watercolour. 24x35cm. Unframed. £30
Watercolour. 23x31cm. Unframed. £25
Acrylic. Price £120. Framed
Watercolour. 44x54cm. Framed. £80.00
A Walk in the Woods; Watercolour; 23x30cm. £30 unframed
King of the Wood; Watercolour 23x30cm £30 unframed
Hartley Wintney; Watercolour 23x30cm £30 unframed
Round the Buoy; Watercolor Size 23.5x34cm £35 unframed
Californian Poppies; Watercolour 23×30 cm £30 unframed
Scotney Castle; Watercolour; 48 x 33cm; £60
Pirbright Pond; Watercolour; 31 x 23cm; £30
Wisley; Watercolour; 41 x 31cm; £40
Father and Daughter; Acrylic; 41 x 31cm; £60 Framed
Brother and Sister tribute to Jo Pieper; Acrylic; 41 x 31cm; NFS
Barossa Common; Acrylic; 23 x 31cm; Price: £30
Fox in the Snow; Watercolour; 34x25cm; £30 unframed
Walking the dog (Heatherside) ; Watercolour; 34x24cm; £30 unframed
Title Snow tree; Watercolour; 24×34 cm; £30 unframed
Meva Christma; Acrylic; 30.5×23 cm; £30 unframed Available as a Christmas card £2.00 each
woodland starburst; Watercolour; Available as a card £2 each
Snow on River Blackwater; Watercolour, 46×31 cm; £40 unframed
Christmas Walk; Watercolour; 30×21 cm; £30 unframed
Highcliffe Beach; Watercolour ;33x23cm £30 unframed
Dawn at Bamburgh Castle; Watercolour; 41x31cm; £70 Framed
Misty Dawn Falmouth; Watercolour; 41x31cm; £60 framed
Frosted dawn; Watercolour; 41x31cm; £50 unframed
Just Sail Away; Watercolour; 41x31cm; £40 Framed
Sunset Lake Como; Watercolour; 30x21cm; £40 framed