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15 March 2019 2019 Exhibition page added (Incl. "Our Environment" optional theme competition
26 Feb 2019 Link to Woking Art Society website in Outside Contacts
25 Feb 2019 How to sell your paintings in Contact FCSA>Messages
2 Feb 2019 2019/2020 programme added
19 Jan 2019 Photos from Critique evening on 11 Jan 2019
22 Nov 2018 Autumn Newsletter in Programme>History
16 Nov 2018 Write-up on Melanie Cambridge's demo in Programme>History
1 Nov2018 Liz Seward Relfe "Still Life Workshop" paintings in Programme>History
19 Oct 2018 Maggie Cross "Chinese Brush painting" in Programme>History
1 Oct 2018 Write-up on Graham Scandrett's 2-week September workshop in Programme>History
23 Sept 2018 More details on Liz Relfe's 20 October "Inks plus . . . " workshop
29 July 2018 Exhibition prizewinners and other photos in Exhibition, 2018
20 June 2018 Write-up on Soraya French's demo in Programme>History
27 May 2018 Paul Lewis "Bird in watercolour and pastel", 25 May 2018 in Programme>History
25 May 2018 Link to in External Contacts (who will advertise our exhibition)
14 May 2018 Photo's from last year's painting day at Annalisa Brett's. Don't miss this year's!
1 May 2018 Write-up on Liz Baldin's demo in Programme>History
3 April 2018 Kim Page w/c demo (incl. finished work) in Programme>History
13 Dec 2017 See notes on Xmas party in Programme>History
11 Dec 2017 Soraya French demo re-scheduled to 15 June 2018
6 Nov 2017 Fatima Pantoja demo in Programme>History
Autumn Newsletter in Programme>History
5 Oct 2017 Write-up for Graham Scandrett's "Boats" Workshops
5 Jan 2009 If you see errors in the FCSA website please tell me.
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Message from the Webmaster.

Please make use of your web site.

(a) It often contains information that appears too late for the newsletter and so which would be missed by anyone who did not look regularly at the notice board.

(b) The records of past meetings (Programme>History) offer fascinating reading, tips etc. If you have any decent photos from meetings, please lend them to me (or e-mail up to about half a dozen to - see Submitting pictures for the gallery, although smaller pictures are also OK for meetings' reports).

(c) It gives links to galleries, artistic events, artists, demonstrators etc. TELL ME IF YOU KNOW OF ANYTHING I SHOULD ADD.

(d) It offers a free opportunity for members to publicise their work. MORE PHOTOS OF PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURES ARE APPRECIATED - the site tells you how easy it is to submit work. Why have I no photos of sculptures or pottery yet?

(e) The Contacts page ("Members' Messages") offers an easy way to let the Society know if you can think of ways its services may be improved. For example, should we have nude models (?) encourage more unusual media (?) have more (or less) demos (?) external visits (?) meetings in different locations (?) meetings with other clubs (?) etc. etc.


Thanks, Sam Dauncey