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Members can borrow books, videos and (at present only one) DVD from the library (open at Friday evening meetings in the studios). Borrowers must enter details in the register before removing them from the studio.

Text lists of what is available can be seen here: FCSA books (6kB) and FCSA videos (2kB).

They can also be downloaded as (36kB, 22kB) Word documents: FCSAbooks.doc - FCSAvideos.doc.
Themed DYOTs

Regular "Do Your Own Thing" evenings are totally unstructured - members read, paint, chat about problems, encourage people having difficulty etc.

The programme of Friday night activities sometimes includes themed DYOTs. The idea here is that people interested in the theme will congregate in one of the two rooms to develop that interest. Whether tutored or not, such evenings will generally follow an earlier lecture or demo designed to prompt interest in the theme.

See Programme for briefing notes. If possible, members should book Saturday Workshops with the Programme Secretary at least 14 days in advance.
After this, space permitting, non-members may book.
NOTE: There is no pre-booking for Friday night activities.
Coach Trips

We sometimes join Sunningdale Art Society coach trips.

Places need to be booked early.

Contact Helen Davies ????

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