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Surrey Heath Show 2014
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Once again our exhibition year started with a display at the Surrey Heath Show 2014 at
Frimley Lodge Park on Saturday 3 May.

On a bright sunny morning many hands made quick work of setting up our stall
As before, we had a selling stand in the Marquee. In contrast to previous years, where we were against the wall, we had been placed in the centre this year, so that passers-by were on three sides of us. Our fourth side was backed against an adjacent stall. To take advantage of this the easels were set up facing outwards. There was a constant concern that a carelessly directed pushchair or visitor's foot might catch an easel leg and cause a domino cascade of paintings but fortunately this did not happen. There was a good deal of interest in the paintings, with one sold, and a number of enquiries about membership. All in all a worthwhile venture.

Thanks are due to all who helped. Brian Richrdson


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