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Mini Exhibition 2007

Carson Suite, Camberley Adult Learning Centre
France Hill Drive, Camberley, Surrey.
Telephone 01932 794524
Friday February 16th - Friday March 2nd, 2007
Open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm; Saturday 24th 10am to 12.30 noon
Coordinator: Helen Davies 01276 472571

Free Special Event, Saturday February 24th, 10am - 1pm
As a fun thing to do - a big 40 x 50in canvas and an assortment of Acrylics was made available so that each artist attending could HAVE A GO (10 minutes?) on a Big Communal Painting, saying (if they wanted to) what inspires them as artists as they sketch in paint: colours; lines etc. and finding out how it feels to do a BIG PAINTING on a big canvas Those who did not like acrylic were invited to prepare something on the general theme, in what-ever medium they wanted, and bring it along – so it could be used as ‘Collage’ on the big canvas. Some contributions were even cut up and appeared in several places!!.
The big picture was a 'Semi Abstract' based on the theme of Dylan Thomas' poem "Fern Hill" (see here))

During a recent tutorial Graham spoke of accessing our feelings. For me, the feelings of the poem were:
  • Joy & Happiness - an idyllic time as a child in Wales
  • Wonder at the mystery of things
  • Nostalgia as he was writing as an adult about his time as a child
  • Reverence as there was a strong Chapel culture in those days
Predominant Colours for me for the painting would be pale yellows – pale blues – pale lilacs - greens – dark lilacs/ mauves – iridescent white - yellow.

It was an amazing experience being part of a shared painting, I thoroughly enjoyed it – & learnt a lot – thank you.

Helen Davies

"Fern Hill". Canvas size 50in x 40in.

Various people had goes on our Special Event Saturday morning, putting in pebbles etc, & the painting was finished during later Friday evening meetings. Main contributors follow:
Helen Davies: Painting Coordinator and author of these notes Maureen H: Dylan Thomas as a Chagal type floaty 12 year old boy. Enid: The apple tree orchard direct onto canvas
Rose did the OWL for collaging Janet Cockerel facing canvas, head pointing to right (not needed we run out of space!!) Mim: to do a fox - did two
Little John: to do letters saying: Dylan Thomas Fern Hill Sam: “The Night Above The Dingle Starry” in glorious purple (quite surprised me) Lawrence Gray: THE SHEEP CRUMPLED UP WHEN STUCK DOWN
Maureen: A smallish stone church, about 4x5in width & high steeple Jill: A Farmhouse & Barn Wendy. I used her beautiful photo of a Welsh mountain for the start of the painting
Wendy also painted the Stream in Purple which started out balancing the layout (with Sam’s sky) Wendy’s husband helped by talking through where things should go – thank you Graham’s tutorials helped, especially the swirling shape, which turned out to be the sun.
Thanks to the Camberley Adult Learning Centre for letting us hold our Special Painting Event at no charge there, and for the lots of help from their caretaker in getting the room ready. And lots of thanks to all who helped & to all the people who came along and made it so enjoyable.

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