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2002 Exhibition
(Pictures below)

The exhibition got off to a shaky start. The first van load of screens arrived at the Camberley Theatre over an hour late following panic stations at the hut when transport failed to arrive. Not a mobile between us, then a mad dash home and a scramble to find some phone numbers only to discover that the van driver thought he was required at 9.30 pm not am! Fortunately when we did arrive there were plenty of volunteers to help put up the screens and by mid-day we were back on schedule. Once the hanging team were able to move in the exhibition soon took on a life of It's own.

Asking for helpers at a much earlier stage, together with all the computerised charts and tables complied by Peter (which none of us claimed to understand) made all the difference this year. A bit of fine-tuning by next year's exhibition committee should have us working at 100% efficiency. Well 99% anyway, especially since there's 40 years experience behind us too. Well done everyone, It was a splendid exhibition; sales were up on last year. Wint managed to get along too, the society didn't make a loss and the private view had a real buzz about it. What else can I say? 'Celebration' expresses It all! Thanks to all the artists, the organising committee, all those who helped to put the exhibition up (and to take it down) and everyone who gave time manning the sales desk and catalogue sales. Congratulations to the prize winners too.

Our judge Bill Clark did a sterling job, not only in selecting the winner for the Winsland Award and the themed prize of gold plated Pro Arte paint brushes, but also in justifying his choice, not only to me in private but also publicly on the evening. He wasn't even given a catalogue, so he had no Idea of who any of the work belonged to.

I think I can say that having a theme for the exhibition each year Is now firmly established and now Is the time to think about a topic for next year. Have you any suggestions? Please pass them on to a member of the committee; we need to have made a decision by the AGM. One of our demonstrators, (I forget which) suggested 'Self Portraits', a challenging idea I liked, what about you?

Alan Schofield, Chairman

Additional note from the Secretary

What can I say but "Well done, everyone"? This year's exhibition proved to be as popular as ever. Our visitors obviously agreed that the work was of the usual high standard as they bought a record number of paintings. The enthusiasm amongst our visitors was such that we had a queue waiting for us to open on one morning and people were still coming in (and buying) ten minutes before we closed on the last day!

This is tangible proof of the talent within our society and a very satisfying reward for everyone who worked so hard to enable this event to take place. I must take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped, particularly those members who undertook stewarding duties, even though they had nothing entered. All the volunteers worked extremely hard and this is reflected In the quality of the exhibition, the sales figures, the public's comments and our (now burgeoning) waiting list. THANK YOU, once again, to all of those who contributed to the success of this exhibition. Each and every one of you made a difference.

Let us not sit on our laurels, though. If you have any comments or suggestions for next year, please let one of the committee know as soon as possible. Believe it or not, preparations for the 2003 exhibition started as soon as the 2002 exhibition closed - so make your thoughts known ASAP.

Sue Thompson
Competition Prizes

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Jubilee Parade The "Celebration" competition prizewinner was
Katie MacDowel's acrylic, "Jubilee Parade"
There were 31 entries.
Basingstoke Canal 2 The Winsland Award was won by
Liz Seward Relfe's mixed media
"Basingstoke Canal 2"
Celebration - Jajja's Home, Kampala Jill Seward Memorial Trophy (people's choice), 1st prize

Yvonne Pearson's watercolour
"Celebration - Jajja's Home, Kampala"
Superstructure Jill Seward Memorial Trophy (people's choice), 2nd prize

Maureen Hayward's "Superstructure"
Pol Perro Jill Seward Memorial Trophy (people's choice), 3rd prize

Rosemarie de Goede's "Pol Perro"
The Raffle prizewinners were:
1st, Mr & Mrs Gimblett who won an Alan Schofield painting
2nd, Mrs Henderson who won a Rosemarie de Goede pottery horse

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