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Anne Thalmessinger Demonstrations etc.

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Still Life, 10/2008 - Church Banners, 29/5/2009 - Fun using an OHP, 28/8/2009


Fun using an OHP, 28/8/2009

The thesis of Anne's talk was that small things can look different and interesting if they are much enlarged.

She used an overhead projector (OHP), some suitable objects and examples of earlier work. The idea is to tape to the screen a suitably large piece of paper and then to draw round the resulting image. This image is not purely a sillhouette but the intensity of an OHP does not provide much penetration of translucent objects. The available magnification depends on the distance of the projector from the screen - she had it set up so that objects were enlarged by between perhaps x5 or x10.

2'6" flowerhead . . .

. . . detail
Above is an earlier drawing of Anne's and below a photo of a bit of a peacock feather.
HINT: Improve OHP focus by flattening soft things with a piece of glass.
We spent some 20 or 30 minutes on this theme, looking at what the OHP does for plants, flowers, feathers, lace, found objects (glass bottles and spectacles) and sections of seashells.

Peacock feathers . . .

. . . detail
Anne then started using the projector as a simple light-source to throw somewhat enlarged silhouettes of heads, in profile onto sheets of paper, each about 2'6'' off a roll of 22" lining (wall)paper. The resulting outlines were about 50% larger that real life.

Most of the audience had a turn as both tracer and subject and Anne suggested that we might like to fill in the outlines with whatever we thought about the subject. Some people did several vignettes whilst others went back to the OHP, superimposing projections of her sample items onto the head profile and trying to arrange them to complement each other.



Painting and Lettering on Church Banners, 29 May 2009

Who would have thought that the subject of church banners could be so interesting?

Memories of the rude rhyme about Sister Anna unwillingly carrying the banner were evoked by the title of Anne's talk but she quickly dispelled any such unruly thoughts when she showed the results of over twenty years of making banners both for her church and an organisation involved in the welfare of people with learning difficulties.

Anne's approach starts with a theme suggested by the use to which the banner is going to be put. She then sketches ideas on paper before transferring them to cloth using acrylic paint. Her skill at rendering the human and animal forms was very evident at this stage.

Words are very important features and Anne described the painstaking process of cutting out the individual letters from self adhesive material and ironing them on to the cloth.
She had brought along a large selection of banners, some so big that they had to be displayed on the ground outside the studio.

The logistics of handling such large “canvasses” would have daunted someone less devoted to the causes than Anne, and her diligence in overcoming the problems is a measure of the strength of her faith.

The accompanying pictures show a couple of examples of Anne's banners.



Tutored DYOT (Still Life), 10/10/2008

Anne provided such a wonderful selection of "still life" objects for this "tutored DYOT evening with a still life theme" that most of the members present took advantage of the opportunity.

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