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Christina Taylor-Smith - Saturday 24 April 2004

Mono printing is a technique which allows the artist to get just one print as opposed to an edition. This however is not strictly true as you can often get a second print and sometimes three.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: For more information about the history of Monoprinting, visit
and see Cedric Day: Degas talk & workalong

We begin by inking a sheet of Perspex with printing ink and then we proceed to cut a series of stencils using a variety of textured papers string, raffia netting etc.

The stencils are inked and placed on the Perspex to create a composition/image. Damp paper is then placed on top of the Perspex and the whole thing is put through the printing press. This creates wonderful embossed surfaces on the paper to create a print. After the first print, some of the stencils are re-positioned allowing for new textures to be created when the second print is taken. The second print is paler, subtle and more interesting than the first.

Christina Taylor-Smith

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