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Professor Anthony Slinn lectures

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10 September 2004 Open Lecture on Van Gogh
No write-up but the Leighton Buzzard Observer said "Attired in smock, floppy hat and carrying all the necessary paraphernalia we saw a reincarnation of van Gogh himself. It was an amazing transformation which set the tone for the whole evening when we were taken on an unforgettable journey (illustrated with excellent slides) retracing the footsteps of the master. It was pure theatre and pure magic as he relived each moment for us on stage."

23 September 2005 Open Lecture on Salvador Dali
No write-up but visit http://www.salvadordalimuseum.org/ and http://www.dali-gallery.com/)

Friday 29th September 2006 Open Lecture on The Impressionists

No write-up but the Observer said "The lecture covers the key aspects of impressionism and is a must for all artists , students of art and art teachers. GCSE Art students at Pipers Corner School were entranced."

Prof Slinn (Van Gogh)
High Cross Church Chapel, Camberley

Tickets, £7 each, available to the General Public at the door.

Member concession tickets available from The FCSA Sec. Tel. 01276 479790 Also From High Cross Church during FCSA Annual Summer Art Exhibition 14-16 Sept. 06


Anthony Slinn (b. 1937) NDD (Hons), Dip F.A. (Lond.)

Anthony studied at Liverpool College of Art at the time of the Beatles and came to study painting at London University's Slade School where his History of Art tutor was the great Sir E.H. Gombrich. He spent thirty years teaching at various art colleges and then set up his 'Roadshow' in 1983 to share his enthusiasm for Art and artists and to allow time for painting.

He has given over 2,500 presentations and he has given his 'Impressionist' talk close to 500 times! Other talks cover "Picasso's Guernica", "Dali Explained", "Impressionists and Post-", "Masterpieces of the 20th Century" and "Visit Henry Moore". Based in London, he can be e-mailed at slinnfoundation@onmail.co.uk or phoned on 0207 978 8057 or 0777 4166224 (mobile).

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