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Graham Scandrett: WORKSHOP, 14 & 21 Sept 2018

"From Photo to Finished Painting"

Week 1 - Week 2

Week 1: Sketch from Photo, 14 Sept 2018
Bring a photograph, preferably one you have taken yourself (any subject but not portrait).

Materials. Bring cartridge paper, soft pencils (3B or 4B etc) and rubber.
We will consider composition, scale of work, tonal arrangement to produce a tonal sketch from which to work on week 2.

Graham had brought a few samples and also a little photo he had taken in Cornwall. It was looking down on a couple of old tin-mines: sea in the background, rocks higher up and a rough grass foreground.

First he had made a sketch directly from the photo. He had cut off much of the sketch until it was more or less square, leaving out some of the rocks. The composition had been determined by Graham himself when he took the photo. But there was no reason why he had to stick with it.

It had been the sunlit tin mine buildings that had attracted him in the first place.

He has already exaggerated their size but would it be better to crop it right down so they were virtually all that was left?

Perhaps not. How about including a bit more sea and rocky background? Should we go far enough to include the very high horizon line? Maybe. And he was already regretting having left out so many of the rocks.
Actually, was the high-up viewpoint really the best?

Might it be better to redraw it with the eye down at the level of the mines themselves? This would bring the horizon into the middle of the picture, allowing both sky and sea to be included . It made the foreground rocks more interesting without detracting from the mine buildings.

A tonal sketch might help evaluate the effect of emphasizing the bright sunlit faces of the buildings.

"So get on with it" said Graham. "Think what attracted you to the photo in the first case. Composition? Tonal contrasts? A particular bit of it? Is the interesting bit landscape or portrait shaped? Remember - black and white tonight - colour will come next week, when you won't have the photo to refer to."

Week 1 - Week 2

Week 2: From Sketch to Painting, 21 Sept 2018

Bring sketches only, NOT the photo.

Bring whatever media you wish to work with. Please choose a good size base on which to work.
This week Graham showed us the painting he had produced from last week's tonal sketch. Although there is still nothing to force you to copy the sketch rigidly, he had more or less followed it, but the original colours had almost completely gone. The essence of what had attracted Graham to the subject was still there but it was now much more dramatic and rugged.

We all beavered away, producing very different types of picture, each in their own way. I didn't actually notice anyone cheating by looking at the photo. These were my efforts (unfinished, of course).

Thanks, again Graham, for an interesting couple of nights.

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