Life Drawing, "Robin", 30 October 2015
Contact him by 'phone: 07866 485295
Life drawing is a wonderful exercise in careful observation and really helps to hone your drawing skills.
Robin came to the Studio to model for us.

We had a good turnout, including several members who had never done any life drawing before. We brought our own paper, supports, and drawing materials (pencils, pen & ink, pastels etc., as preferred).

Robin started with a series of 5-minute poses and then progressed to longer ones (up to 20 minutes). It was immediately obvious that he was a real professional. He took up interesting positions with no hesitation and held them very steadily - for one he even held his arms out horizonally for a full 5 minutes (you try it!).

The photos give a feel for the evening and some examples of what we achieved (although often taken while work in progress).

Thank you, Robin.

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