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Note on 24 June 2011 DYOT

I've never understood the difference between "Midsummer Day" (24th according to my diary) and the summer solstice on the 21st. Today is the mad one I think.

This is an ordinary DYOT.
The tin of toffees is nearly empty
(I still help myself, although one I'd chewed a few weeks back went on to cost me £47 at the dentist).
Some people are drawing.
Some painting.
Some reading, for inspiration.
Some wandering around (maybe for inspiration, too).
Some just chatting.
Last-minute entry forms are being handed in for next month's 50th anniversary exhibition.
I finish my "Golden Days" entry for the exhibition competition despite the midsummer rain outside.

There are 20 minutes to spare, so I find a pencil and a bit of A4 and look around me. That takes only 5 minutes, so I look out a Pentel watersoluble sepia brush pen and go over it. Still 10 minutes to go, so I delve for the water pot and some watercolours from the bottom of my box of materials. It's lovely the way the watercolour moves the watersoluble ink. As that dries I still have time to wander round to see everyone else's state of play before packing up to go home to see the end of Andy Murray's 3rd round match.
Sam Dauncey

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