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Rosemarie De Goude : Animals Workalongs
22 April and 7 October 2005

The 22 April evening was intended to give members some ideas and practice of Rosemarie's very successful style of animal mixed media/watercolours

Starting from a photo of a hen she first sketched loosely in pencil until she was happy with the composition.

Then, using a sharpened stick and FW (flipping wonderful?) sienna acrylic ink, stronger lines were entered. Incidentally she currently prefers FW Acrylic to "conventional" Indian ink.
She was working on a pad of unstretched 140 lb watercolour paper. She wetted the whole surface and then dropped in background colours followed by feather colours.

Very little paint was mixed at any one time so there was a guaranteed variation of colour and tone. Working on a wet surface ensures that the colours merged without hard edges.
Deeper colours were then built up. Neocolor II sticks brightened up some details. Acrylic white was used to get rid of some unwanted bits of colour.

Watercolour relies on luck. Filled with dissatisfaction, Rosemarie splashed on more FW ink and spattered it over background (and bird). The result was a picture that would more than satisfy most people most of the time.

We were then urges to see what we had learned, using whatever media we had to hand (some samples are below)
Note from Helen Davies

We had a really good turn-out last Friday 7th October for Rosemary De Goede's second Workalong with animals.

Rosemary did a very interesting mini-demo to start the evening off - a pen and acrylic ink drawing of a herd of Camargue Horses, in a brilliant green/blue ink, smudging and shading with her fingers as she went along. She then brushed water around the outlines of the horses and floated acrylic ink around the figures, allowing the ink to make it's own marks - some area's were made very much darker to bring the figures forward. Rosemary said she would be using white acrylic ink on the horse figures when the painting dried.

We all then got down to work ourselves - R had brought along a very good selection of animal pictures for us to choose from. Pigs seemed to be a popular choice of subject - although horses, dogs, elephants, lynx, cats were chosen, and also pictures of ballerina's for those who did not want to do animals.

A few of the Members had brought along some wine and nibbles for another little celebration of the return to our old venue. During the interval break Sam was asked to say a few words. Keith and his helpers were thanked again for all their hard work and two new Members May and Jean were welcomed to their first meeting.

A very enjoyable evening was had - Rosemary giving us lots of praise and help for our efforts. So - a 'Big Thank you' to Rosemary for a very instructive and enjoyable Demonstration/Workalong. All best wishes Helen.  

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