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Annalisa Brett's painting days

ANNALISA BRETT, Mayfield, Lower Sandhurst Road, Finchampstead, RG40 3TH
From the Sandhurst end of the road it is on the RHS just short of Moor Green Lakes car park which is on LHS.
If you have reached MGL car park you have gone about 50 yards too far.

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Saturday 23 June 2018
Another of Annalisa's Painting Day at 'Mayfield' is scheduled. See below for what to expect.
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Saturday 24 June 2017
Carole Head thought she would take this opportunity to share with you the photographs that she took at Annalisa's Painting Day at 'Mayfield' on Saturday. There were more artists than last year and everyone had a wonderful time. As you will see Annalisa made the delicious Swedish savour cake called Smorgastarta; she also made a sweet summer cake with strawberries and raspberries. We were really spoilt!

Our thanks must go to Annalisa for offering us this lovely summer event in our programme, it is so very much appreciated.

Carole's photos are here:
and you can see a selection below:
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Saturday 14 June 2016
We had a lovely time at Annalisa's Painting Day on Saturday. The weather was very English, sunny but quite chilly however we were a hardy lot and we all set to work with enthusiasm.

Annalisa was the perfect hostess as always.

She had baked some muffins, scones and the like to go with our coffee and tea on arrival. Then when we sat down to eat our packed lunch she produced the most spectacular and delicious Swedish speciality, the Swedish Sandwich Cake. It is a savoury cake packed with layers of different fishy flavours. Really wonderful!
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Saturday 13 June 2015
Anna-Lisa worried that a cloudy, slightly damp morning, would deter artists from coming to paint in her beautifully tended garden at "Mayfield". In the event ten people arrived knowing that, short of a downpour, there would be ample subjects for their artistic efforts. Bob Roope assured Anna-Lisa that in any case the occasion is as much a social event as a painting opportunity. After a welcoming cup of coffee and a browse of Anna-Lisa's extensive gallery of paintings, the artist's dispersed to their chosen subjects, some concentrating on one, others sketching a variety. The lunch break was a chance to sample some Scandinavian delicacies provided by Anna-Lisa and the wine helped the post prandial creative flow.
  Notes & photos by Brian Richardson

Carole Head shooting waterlily

Lunch party


Some pots
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Saturday 1 June 2013
On Saturday the 1st of June, about a dozen artists (and some spouses) arrived at Annalisa Brett's lovely home "Mayfield" in the expectation of a good day's painting in her beautiful garden. They were not disappointed. Annalisa's gardeners had clearly been very busy and the borders and lawns were in perfect condition. The unaccustomed sunshine posed the usual problem of shifting shadows and made hats a prudent provision.

After a welcoming cup of coffee and biscuits, the artists set about choosing their positions and began some concentrated work capturing the very varied beauties to be found in the garden. At lunch Annalisa supplemented the visitors' picnics with an unpronounceable but delicious Swedish savoury sandwich and an equally delicious Summer pudding. The inertia induced by this feast made a restart on painting quite an effort. The afternoon session ended with cups of tea and cake and a satisfying tally of sketches and paintings.

Notes and photos by Brian Richardson
Angela painting Hazel painting
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Saturday 21 May 2010
The Painting Day at Annalisa Brett's new home, Mayfield, was a great success!

Those members that attended were welcomed by Annalisa with coffee and cake and then found positions in the beautiful garden. After a couple of hours painting/drawing/taking photos we gathered for lunch on the terrace. Once again Annalisa supplemented our packed lunches with extras including a delicious Swedish summer cake and after a leisurely chat everybody returned to their work. Hopefully we shall see some completed works in the Summer Exhibition.

 (Notes and photos by Maureen Broomfield)

For more information, contact Brian Richardson,

Tel: 01344 773603, or email him
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We had several enjoyable days at her previous home, Red Barn.
We were there on 25 April and 19 September 2009 as well as the ones mentioned below.
Notes on the 2008 Red Barn painting days
Saturday 26 April and 14 June
From Brian Richardson (re 26 April 2008)

Wendy Outram, John LeGrice, Tom Moss and I from FCSA and Maureen(?) Fry, a member of Crowthorne and Sandhurst Art Society, went to Annalisa's on 26th April, despite the short notice.

We had a lovely day's painting. Her garden is beautiful and she is very hospitable, serving coffee/tea and cakes for elevenses and providing wine for us to have with our packed lunches which she supplemented with a pizza. I foolishly forgot to take a hat so got thoroughly scorched by the hot sun but was quite pleased with the painting I did of her well-house which I subsequently turned into a "Thank you" card (via the computer) to send to her.
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Photos from an earlier Red Barn painting day
Saturday 11 June 2005
Red Barn 2002 refreshments (b)
Red Barn 2002 refreshments (a)
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