Paintings by Sam Dauncey
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Sam Dauncey, who lives in Yateley, Hampshire, has been painting since the early 1990's.

Originally most of his work was in watercolour, with some pastel, acrylic and gouache. He has also done some interesting small paintings in encaustic (hot wax) and several books of sketches, mostly in sepia ink. Over recent years, however, he has probably done more in Genesis Heat-set Oils (see Correspondence about Heat-set Oils).

The originals of most of his existing paintings are for sale. It's not really for the money, but everyone is so very kind and polite when they see your work that there is nothing quite as convincing as crispy notes to prove that they really mean it (good for the ego, too, and it reduces the number of paintings cluttering the house). Sadly, in downsizing for a move from Sandhurst to Yateley much of his work was disposed of to the local charity shop or a skip.
Some of his late wife's paintings can be seen here, too. Because of variations between cameras and computers you cannot be sure that the colours you see are an accurate reproduction of the original.

A separate record, containing a slightly different selection of paintings, contact and genealogical information has also been appended here. He can be contacted by e-mail ( or phone (01252 864.627) and are happy to talk about our work, including the possibility of commissions.
Click thumbnails on left for larger images

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